1st HELENA Workshop – Reflection

July 5, 2017


The first international HELENA workshop was held co-located with the 2017 International Conference on Software and Systems Process (ICSSP). The goals of this workshop were to bring the HELENA team together, foster general networking, discuss the current state of the project, and develop a roadmap towards future activities. From the 84 researchers and practitioners from 25 active countries, 25 participated in this workshop. The overall status report shows that the HELENA survey is increasingly gaining attention, and more then 300 data points have been collected so far. The team agreed on a number of topics for future activities, e.g., organizational transformation, adaptation and evolution, and development approaches for safety-critical systems.

Breakout Session an Topics of Interest

2017-07-05-ws-top-structure-smallA major part of the 1st workshop was the development of a research agenda. In a first step, the team performed a breakout session in which (potential) topics of interest were collected. The resulting topic candidates were clustered and selected clusters were discussed in small groups. Eventually, the following three clusters were defined:

  1. Organizational Transformation
  2. Adaptation and Evolution
  3. Safety

Further topics will be discussed in later editions of the workshop and further (sub-)team meetings.

Further Activities and Next Steps

After the 1st workshop, the team continues collecting data – an extension of the data collection period was discussed (esp. Scandinavia is on vacation and new teams need time to onboard…). Furthermore, a small task group was established to work on a position paper concerning the terminology (traditional, agile, hybrid – what is it after all?).  It was decided to build a team headed by Özden Özcan-Top and Paolo Tell to develop such a position paper in which the HELENA team clarifies the notion of the concepts researched.

The 2nd HELENA workshop will be held in conjunction with PROFES 2017 in Innsbruck, Austria.


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